About Our Firm

Since its founding, Proformex has fixated on a single objective: ensure that insurance carriers and their products deliver on promises made to contract holders. Years of experience in the rapidly changing insurance industry led the creators of Proformex to the conclusion that agents, trustees, insureds and other policy related advisors need a way to manage, track and monitor policies to ensure that insurance contracts perform as intended. Proformex software was created to meet this need, providing the tools necessary to meet a new professional standard of proactive policy management.

From the beginning, we sought to create a proactive policy management system that:

  • Responds to the single largest disconnect between client and advisor – clients expect that their insurance will be proactively managed according to defined objectives over time, but advisors and trustees are ill-equipped for these long term monitoring and management commitments.
  • Acts as a comprehensive insurance management system.
  • Has the ability to safely upload and download policy documents.
  • Memorializes client objectives and facilitates a consistent process and experience for prudent investing helping trustees meet the standards required under UPIA.
  • Provides the much needed ability to control and create the entire Policy Holder Advocacy Process for the benefit of policyholders and their families.
  • Empowers users through a white labelled client-specific portal that can be customized for advisors, wirehouses to help them protect their clients policies, inform them of what can go wrong, and exceed their expectations to create lifelong relationships.