A New Professional Standard

Professional and non-professional trustees are held to the same standards. What is your process for managing the life insurance policies in your care? How are your policies performing? Is the contract the best fit for your clients needs? Proformex can help.

Proformex Case Study: Fiduciary

A well respected law firm with a significant trust practice had no comprehensive process for policy review. Learn how Proformex solved their reactive problem and created real differentiation from their competitors.

Proformex Case Study: Life Insurance Advisor

Find out how one advisor transformed his practice utilizing the Proformex system to ensure his client’s needs were met while creating new opportunities within his current book of business. 

Proformex Case Study: Policy Owner

Do you know if your life insurance policies are on track? When is the last time they were reviewed? Are they meeting your coverage goal? Will you outlive your policies?

Insurance Industry Alert - Life Insurance Internal Changes and Their Impact on Policy Owners

Set it and forget it does not work for life insurance contract management. Insurance Carriers have the right to alter charges on certain product types. Even the smallest cost adjustments can have big impacts on policy owners.

Trustees Must Adhere to Strict Fiduciary Duties

How are you managing the life insurance policies in your care? Do you have a structured process? What are your potential liabilities?