Who We Help Exceed

Proformex was conceived and built to change the way life insurance is managed, one policy at a time.

Since its founding, Proformex has fixated on a single objective: ensure that insurance carriers and their products deliver on promises made to policyholders. Years of experience in the rapidly changing insurance industry led us to conclude that the insured, agents, trustees, and other policy related advisors needed a better way to manage, track, and monitor policies to determine if contracts are performing as intended and to provide notice when they are not. Proformex fills this need, delivering the tools necessary to create a new professional standard of proactive policy management.

We help policyholders looking for:


  • On-Demand Access
  • Policy Performance Tracking
  • Premium Notices
  • Simplified Policy Reporting
  • Contract Alerts

We help fiduciaries needing:


  • Proactive Policy Management Process
  • Policy Performance Monitoring
  • Portfolio Management Alerts
  • Gift Reminder Notification
  • Crummey Letter Management
  • Needs Based Policy Reporting

We help life insurance agents interested in:


  • Providing Proactive Policy Management
  • Delivering a Unquie Policy Holder’s Experience
  • Differentiating Themselves in Their Marketplace
  • Developing a Competitive Advantage

We help financial advisors searching for:


  • Non-evasive Policy On-boarding
  • Simplified Policy Monitoring
  • Needs Based Policy Reporting
  • Tracking Future Assets Under Management
  • Establishing Ties to Client’s Policy Beneficiaries

We integrate with insurance carriers to:

Real-time access to policy data for certain policies written through Proformex Enabled Advisors which provide:

  • Policy Information
  • Policy Values
  • Policy Status
  • Policy Performance


The Proformex Experience

A Fiduciary's View of the Proformex Advantage

Lindsey Smith of Cavitch Familo & Durkin discusses what keeps him up at night overseeing insurance trusts and how the use of Proformex's policy management system allows him to rest assured his policies are being properly supervised.

Proformex Case Studies

The Need for a Better Answer

With the best intentions, life insurance is written at a point in time, with current assumptions and the best information available. Yet, policies are intended to provide protections for years or decades to come in an environment that is anything but stable. View our case studies which confirm, the only constant in this world is change, and Proformex is your system to protect the inevitable.

Our Impact On Outcomes

Proformex’s Proactive Policy Management Process is designed to uncover policy concerns as soon as possible. In most cases, when issues are identified early, corrective actions can be taken to get the policy back on track. If the policy concerns go unaddressed too long, it may not be feasible to get the current contract back on track and alternative options may be a better fix for the policyholder’s needs.